Medal Manufacturing Process

Based on more than a decade of experience in custom medal manufacturing, we contract one-stop manufacturing services from design to production to shipping. We are involved in the design and manufacturing of various awards, including football medals, running medals, and other race medals, corporate awards, school competitions, community functions, and commemorative events.

We briefly distinguish each step so that you can understand the birth of a medal in 3 minutes.


Sometimes our clients provide hand-drawn sketches, sometimes an event theme or concept, and our designers translate these into colorful drawings. A fine drawing will be labeled with all the details and parameters possible.

Mold Making

A professional engineer will design the molds according to the construction of the drawings, considering how the molds will fit into the production process of the awards. The finer the mold, the more precise the medals will be, and the more trouble can be saved.

Die Casting

Obviously, this is the process of reshaping an alloy liquid at high temperatures. Only in a liquid state can the alloy change into the shape of the medallion in the mold. After die-casting, the medals already have an initial heaviness and three-dimensionality.


The semi-finished product that comes out of the mold has a lot of excess parts and burrs, which need to be trimmed, for example, cutting the excess metal parts, grinding, polishing, cleaning, etc. After trimming, the product will become smooth and textured.

Surface Treatment

Electroplating, electrophoresis, anodizing and painting are commonly used surface treatment methods, which can attach a layer of metallic color to the product and change the original color of the metal. And it can have the effect of preventing metal oxidation, improving abrasion resistance, salt and acid resistance. No worries, medals with surface treatment still comply with the environmental policy.


Through machine coloring or manual coloring, the paint is injected into the corresponding position according to the design draft marking. Some customers require more variations of the medals, therefore we also provide special processes such as UV printing, adding glitter, and glow-in-the-dark paint.

Quality Control

Virtually every step in medal manufacturing is subject to rigorous quality inspection. Our Quality Assurance Department keeps a strict check on every critical quality point to ensure that defective products cannot reach the next level.


Only medals and ribbons that pass the quality hurdles can be assembled. After all the parts are gathered together, a piece of medal completes the birth process.


Packaging is the final step. A good packaging can better display and preserve the medal. We offer different types of packaging options. Flannel boxes, cardboard boxes, and acrylic boxes are the most popular and best.


The packaged product will be delivered to you by our professional logistics team so you can receive your long-awaited medals at your doorstep. Please feel free to rest assured that our logistics team is able to deliver the products to every part of the world.