Since GAG’s inception in 2005, we have been committing ourselves to providing high-end customized medal services under the doctrine of continuous innovation and superior quality. Over the years, we have gradually become the world leader in personalized medal production. Allow us to present our company in a professional and openable image.

Unlike other custom medal makers, we proudly boast an independent design team, which supports us in providing our clients with unique and personalized medal designs. We have accumulated 18 years of rich experience in the field of custom medal design, production, and sales. During this time, we have always adhered to our philosophy: high-quality products, competitive prices and perfect service.

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GAG Custom Medal Design Manufacturer | China Medal Design Supplier

Thanks to our outstanding design team, with their rich creativity and design skills, our customers have very high satisfaction with us and always cooperate with us closely. We have customized a variety of high-end awards and medals for our clients, including sports medals (marathon medals, 5k medals, 10k medals, running medals, swimming medals, triathlon medals, and ball medals such as football medals, golf medals, volleyball medals, etc.), general awards, campus medals, sports club medals, and any event medals needed. Customers praise our customized medals and say each medal is a piece of craftsmanship.

With our own factory, we are fully capable of providing a complete design-production-shipment process, including computerized mold design, lasering, mold engraving, stamping, die-casting, polishing, plating, soldering nails and rivets, manual and automatic coloring, UV printing, quality control, packaging, and shipping. Based on the perfect one-stop customized medals design and production service, we can offer our customers a competitive price and help reduce the cost from all aspects, and our strong production capacity can easily meet the requirement of urgent delivery.

With high-quality products and excellent service, we have won much praise from our customers and are honored to reap several accolades. We are certified by ISO9001, SGS, BSCI, Sedex, TUV Rheinland and Disney.

We prioritize listening to our customers’ needs and requirements, and providing personalized and customized award services. Whether you need beautifully crafted metal awards, commemorative coins or badges, we can meet your needs. Whether it’s a large event or a small group, we provide professional, reliable and efficient solutions. With our professional and reliable approach to every project, you can rest assured and trust us with the design and production of your custom awards.

Κίνα Ακρυλικά μετάλλια Κατασκευαστής Custom Plastic Medal Factory

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    High-quality Products, Competitive Prices and Perfect Service

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    GAG Ποδόσφαιρο μετάλλιο Προσαρμογή Ειδικό υλικό μετάλλιο Προμηθευτής στην Κίνα

    Our specialized team has served over 1,000 clients and provided thousands of customized awards for up to 300 events or activities. Understanding your business goals is our top priority, and each member has the experience and passion for results to ensure that every interaction brings results. Our sales team has a common goal – to exceed your expectations.

    Our team specializes in catching the market winds, and is able to incorporate market dynamics into each customized solution and bring to our clients. For each medal solution, we provide insights and suggestions that fit the client’s vision and are well received by our clients.

    Join forces with GAG and make our strengths your competitive advantage.

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