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Vlastní velikonoční medaile Holiday Medal

Easter is an important holiday and many large events will be held every year. In some countries or regions, race organizations or communities hold a series of races to attract people to participate. 5K running medals, 10K medals, marathon medals, triathlon medals, swimming medals, as well as ball games such as basketball medals, football medals, and baseball medals are some of the major focuses that attract people to participate in the races. In addition to this, communities and organizations hold egg hunts, egg rolls, and a lot of activity contests or parades for kids. Easter event participants usually get some customized holiday medals with Easter elements provided by the event sponsors.

Easter Medal
Easter Medal Manufacturing

Custom Medals and Easter Events

Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny are both integral elements of Easter, and legend has it that the Easter Bunny brings Easter eggs. Many events held on Easter choose custom medals with Easter egg or Easter bunny elements. As an example, we have designed a series of 5K medals, 10K medals, marathon medals, and a number of other running medals for Easter.

As a traditional large-scale holiday, participants want to get a souvenir that is different from the rest, and a customized Easter medal is definitely highly collectible. Some communities will join with sponsors to hold egg hunts for children, where children will receive a unique medal in addition to a delicious chocolate egg.

Holiday medals and Easter races

Globally, different places have different Easter celebrations, and many of them will organize a variety of tournaments. For example, in the USA, egg rolling competitions are held; egg hunts for children are also held in some communities; in some places, some large-scale competitions are held by local event departments and sponsors, organizing a large number of participants to take part in. Of course, some families choose to celebrate at home. Here are some common types of Easter events:

Easter-themed races

Sometimes, event departments and sponsors jointly hold some big running races. Many runners are happy to participate in these themed marathons, keen to run long distances and place well while collecting a unique customized Easter medal.

In some communities, they organize shorter marathons that are more suitable for kids or amateurs. The organizers usually prepare some medals to recognize the participants who finish the race.

In other words, customized Easter medals can serve as both a testimony to the participants’ victory and a festive gift for people celebrating Easter.

Easter Parade

In some cities, people hold grand Easter parades. The parade usually consists of religious people, schools, community organizations, and businesses dressed in festive costumes, waving flags, and playing music to show people their faith and community spirit.

The planning team usually purchases a small batch of customized holiday medallions to give to the parade teams, making each parade a memorable memory for them.

Outdoor Activities

Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon on the spring equinox, a time of year when the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. There are a variety of activities that people can do outdoors, such as picnics, barbecues, and games.

It is known that, in addition to egg rolling and egg hunting activities, color running is becoming more and more popular among young people’s groups. Some event planning directors are already preparing for a series of activities, and they are in full swing to design some custom color run medals.

Velikonoční běžecká biblická medaile
Custom Easter Medal

Customized Easter Medals

The design of custom Easter medals can be personalized according to the needs and characteristics of different groups. They can be made of metal and cast with delicate Easter bunnies, brightly colored eggs, or symbolic floral patterns to make the medals visually more festive. At the same time, you can engrave the name of the team, the date, and a specific message on the surface of the medal to make it more memorable.

Event directors like to design medals in the shape of an egg and depict a rabbit and the theme of the event. In addition, we designed a variety of rabbit-shaped medals that were completely different from the round and egg-shaped medals. Obviously, unique medals are more popular with children.

People prefer to feel spring and life in their medals. We consider more green or colorful colors when designing medals to express the resurgence of spring and the birth and multiplication of new life.

For more information on the options for customizing medals, read this article: How to Customize a Medal for Awrds.

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Preservation of Customized Holiday Medals

Customized medals have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment before production. As long as you avoid harsh environments or special damage, the medals’ preservation cycle is more than three years.

In addition to some special medals, in the production process of custom medals, there is a process of spraying oil on the surface of the medals, which can effectively protect the medals and paint and play a key role in the resistance to oxidation, sweat, and acid. Some custom running medals that are particularly colorful require multiple protection processes to achieve continuous color-fixing oxidation and acid resistance.

Some event directors want to award medals with a collector’s box provided so that the winner can keep the medal in the collector’s box after receiving it.

Some medal collectors specialize in custom medal display racks to share their achievements with others. They choose wall-mounted racks or display boxes that are placed on a table.


With Easter approaching and many organizations and groups already engaged in various celebrations, custom Easter medals play an important role in the festivities. Whether it is a community, a group, an organization, or even a government-led event program, they all consider ordering custom holiday medals in bulk when preparing for various events. Therefore, when preparing for this year’s Easter events, don’t let go of the option of custom Easter medals.

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